I’m still alive!

It’s been over a month since I posted a blog. I know that’s a ridiculous amount of time to let pass without a blog post, but I have been busy. I mean properly busy, not my usual “watching The Office and sleeping” busy.

That’s not exactly an excuse, but it’s the only one I have. Also, it’s getting closer and closer to my deadline so most days the only writing I can squeeze out of myself is for my book. In my mind, my book takes priority over my blog.

I still love this blog and I miss writing on it. Each day that passed without a blog post just made it more and more difficult to come back. I didn’t want to write a blog post unless it was an actual post that mattered. Now it’s been so long, I figured I could get away with just a “Hey! I’m still alive” post.

I promise I will return with a blog post soon, a proper blog post. I might post an unbearable fiction fad or just an update on where I am with my writing.

Please know that I’m putting on my best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression when I say “I’ll be back.”


14 thoughts on “I’m still alive!

  1. So glad to see even a post that lets us know you are breathing. I understand the book taking priority. I will be returning to writing mine after the release of the VOID project and my children’s book!

    • That means I have impeccable timing. You’re welcome for the time and effort I’ve saved you.

      By the way, your blog is among the ones I will be binge reading tomorrow. So when you see an increase in US views, that’s me.

      • Lately, I haven’t been writing as much as I want to. I’ve finished my TV pilot and I’m in the process of querying my ass off.

        I’ve also been flirting with a revenge movie idea, because well-executed revenge movies are the most satisfying (to me anyways) and I’m shooting for the stars!

        And yeah, thanks for the time and effort you’ve saved me.

  2. Pleased to see you back! I know exactly what you mean – my blog posts have reduced in frequency in recent weeks, and I’m concentrating on re-working my novel at the moment (lots of interested-but-not-quite-interested-enough publishers, so it’s back to the drawing board!). It’s difficult to fit it all in – and I’m not even back at the day job yet… Hope the book is going well and look forward to hearing about it when you have a few more hours in the day.

    • Thank you! I hope I can stick around for a little bit longer. I never wanted this blog to interfere with my book. I wanted this to be more of a therapeutic corner for me to write in. So when I’m tired and in a funk, this is the first thing that gets neglected.
      However, think I’m more concerned with the number of blog posts I have to read. I’ve missed out on some great posts, I can just feel it.
      Good luck with your re-working! I hope it’s going smoothly for you!

  3. Just a quick word of encouragement. I hope things calm down and that you can take a bit of a breather. I completely know where you’re coming from on being busy and needing to prioritize. Really cool that you’re finding time to work on your book though!

    I’m actually trying to finish my novel in December too (well, my endless revisions…) so I’m right with you with crossed fingers.

    • Thank you for the encouragement! I love that WordPress is a place in which I can leave for a month, and come back to a pitch-fork-free atmosphere!

      Good luck with finishing your novel! It’s good to know I’m not alone in this crazy thing called writing. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we both finish by our deadlines! Wouldn’t that be a great way to start the new year?

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