Days 9-15. Writers block is kicking my ass.

So it’s been a while.

I wish I had some grand excuse but really I’ve just been busy. (Busy is a fancy way of saying I’ve been sitting on my couch watching an embarrassing amount of the Office.)

Also, I’ve been dealing with writer’s block. It’s kind of been kicking my ass. I still force myself to write every day, like I am supposed to. It’s just becoming more and more difficult. I know that everyone has these days when the words just don’t seem to flow. I have to admit though, it’s still disheartening. Everything I’ve written feels like crap (so much so that I can’t even think of a more eloquent word for crap.)

I think writers block just amplifies my pessimism to an obscure level. All I can think is that I’m never going to finish this book! This will be the worst book ever written! People everywhere will throw darts at my picture during their book club meetings!

Of course, I know that watching The Office is not helping my creative abilities. I may have tried to force one of my characters into saying “That’s what she said.”

Even writing this blog post is a struggle. How do I write about how I am unable to write? What can I say other than “this sucks”? And where the hell is Rita Skeeter’s quill when I need it?

Anyway, Days 9-15 are down. I’m moving along, one crappy page at a time.

Apparently “writer’s block” causes my vocabulary to deteriorate to that of a 12 year old.


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