Days 6, 7, and 8. Shut up, I created you!

Is it normal to dream about the characters you create?

If so, is it also considered normal for your characters to chastise you for something you’ve written?

I’m hoping this is some sort of unspoken initiation into the writing world. Otherwise, I may be worse off than I thought.

In case a little bit of back story is needed: Whenever I am really “in” to something (books, TV shows, etc.) I tend to dream about them frequently. Most of the time, my dream just consists of the characters having random conversations. They talk about the weather or their weekend, just every day things that real people talk about.

Seriously, this is how creative my subconscious is.

The first time I dreamed about my main character was a few weeks ago. In my dream, I had a normal conversation with her. She casually mentioned that she didn’t agree with something I’d written. No big deal. She was actually quite nice about it. I reread the scene in question, and she was right. I chalked it up as a little reminder from my subconscious, and I changed the scene.

I guess I was unaware of just how much sass I had written into this girl. One dream visit was not enough; she had to make another appearance. Even in my dream I was not amused. Is it not enough that I have to write in her voice every day? Does she have to start talking in my head while I’m dreaming?

This time, she meant business. You see, I had changed a difficult scene because I was too upset to write the outcome it needed. It required her to do something I felt too sick to write about. So I changed it.

I know, I know. Bad aspiring writer!

I never pegged her for a “hand on the hip” type of girl, but I guess my subconscious was really peeved. She came in and threw a temper tantrum that would’ve made most 2 year olds blush. In my dream, I was terrified of this person. Instead of arguing or pleading my case, I just timidly agreed to rewrite the scene.

When I woke up, however, the fear was replaced with annoyance. I kept mumbling “who does she think she is?” and “she better leave me alone”. Even my cats started to look at me strangely.

But really, who does she think she is? I created her! I can make her into a bald, potato farmer if I want to! I can make her never speak again!

I feel like I may be getting carried away.

My question is: will this be my life from now on? Will I constantly dream of my characters telling me off? Will I be doomed to spend my time mumbling snarky retorts to imaginary people?

She has become my own version of Freddy Krueger. I may never sleep again.

Needless to say, I rewrote the scene. She was right, after all.

Days 6, 7, and 8 are down. Only 176 to go!

P.S. I’ve heard of another author whose characters visited her in her dreams. Stephanie Meyers. Can you see why I am so concerned?


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