Day 5. Here’s to you, Biebs!

Planning the dedication of my book, the book I haven’t even finished writing yet, probably seems a little overzealous.

I’m asking you to just go with it.

If my book ever makes it to publication, it will have a surprising dedication in it. Justin Bieber. Now, before you either get really excited or really disgusted, please know that I am NOT a fan of the Biebs. In fact, I think he’s one of the worst musical artists (I’m using that term loosely) ever. He’s made even more unappealing by the gaggle of giggling girls that wear his t shirts and cry during his songs.

Worse, of course, are the older women who do the same thing.

But I have to thank Mr. Bieber. He was one of the driving forces behind the start of my book. I had been humming and hawing about starting my book for a while. Who was I to want to write a book? I didn’t know if I should actually try it or just let it go. Que my liberation in the form of his prepubescent face staring back at me from the cover of his book. I was horrified.

I think my face closely resembled that of Carrie’s when they pour the pigs blood on her.

Why does he have a book? What contribution does that book make to the literary world? WHY IS HIS STUPID, LITTLE FACE ON THIS BOOK?

If I hadn’t been in a public place, I may have thrown a tantrum.

Now, I’m not an idiot. I know there is only a 1% chance he actually wrote that book (no matter what he says!). I’m almost certain he had a writer who specialized in sounding like a 14 year old girl. But I still had to question, why?

It was in the middle of the book section of Target that I made my decision. If this whiney, immature child can have a book then so can I! If there are authors out there that can have bad books published (ahem, Stephanie Meyers) then I can at least write my book! That’s all I was asking for! I had spent so much time feeling inadequate. No more!

Side note: The difference is my story is actually good. No sparkling vampires or ambiguous main characters. I promise.

So that is why I have to thank Justin Bieber. So thanks, Biebs! The fact that you can pull your pants up long enough to “write” a book means that so can I! You can always return my thanks by promising to never make music again. Please?

Anyway, day 5 is down. 179 to go!


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